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Paper Shredding Ann Arbor

By finding better places to do their paper shredding, Ann Arbor Michigan businesses routinely secure their futures against the troubles they can hardly anticipate. While you’re probably all too familiar with the dangers posed by potential identity theft, data loss and legal repercussions, you should never rush into finding an Ann Arbor paper shredding company to take care of your needs. Instead, select the option that provides a top quality range of services, thereby enabling you to meet your security needs without having to make too much of a commitment.

Shred Legal offers Paper shredding Ann Arbor Michigan businesses can count on, because we cater to the needs of large organizations with high volumes of sensitive documents on a regular basis. Our shredding trucks are designed and operated with maximum consumer convenience in mind, so you needn’t worry about minor details like removing staples or separating out different types of media. Where many Ann Arbor shred companies really force you to go the distance to take care of confidential info, we make it as easy as possible.

We can send someone out to your location fast whenever you need memos, price lists, social security info, training records or letters shredded. We never try to cut costs by using third party services to take care of the work we ought to be doing, and we’ve earned our AAA NAID Certification by repeatedly demonstrating that we understand every step needed to protect your complete security.

Though you may only need onetime paper shredding, Ann Arbor Michigan businesses that require regular pickups and destruction certifications are no strangers to our wide range of services. With Shred Legal’s uniformed ID badged security operators working for your firm, you won’t ever have to worry about the hassles of in-house on-site document destruction or data wiping again. To let us change the way you maintain compliance, call 1-877-283-2787 today.

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